An artbook by Johntaro. The coffeetable book you rather not show your inlaws.

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ISBN numbers

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  • Hardcover: 978-94-6345-187-1
  • Paperback: 978-94-6345-186-4
  • About the book

    Exclusive pieces

    Two "book only" pieces of artwork that have never been posted before.

    Commissioned pieces

    By artists such as Delidah, Hive, ShinChanKO and Viriden

    High quality print

    200 grams machine coated paper for the hardcover and 135 grams MC for the paperback

    A4 sized

    Not a wimpy manga size, but full on A4 (A4 measures 210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches)

    52 pages

    Of art and backstory. Including a 12 page comic featuring Catherine Obalt

    "Scientifically proven"

    By Sexy Time industries to improve your day.

    You will love it

    Lots of sexy time goodness

    Crafted with love

    I put a lot of effort into making this book.

    The characters

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